Empowering future generations against substance abuse to protect their potential


School Programs

#NotEvenOnce® School programs are incredibly effective in educating and positively shifting young peoples understanding on the causation issues underpinning addiction, impacts and effects of Alcohol and other drugs on their developing brains and future potential. A recent independent program outcome evaluation report from an Australian University on #NotEvenOnce® stated seminars to be "significantly effective in increasing the knowledge, understanding about the connection between behaviours and values, and the likelihood of not engaging with alcohol and drugs"

Available from Grade 5 - Grade 12 

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Sporting Clubs

#NotEvenOnce® Sporting Club programs are having considerable impact and have resulted in some clubs amending their Policies and Procedures and how their clubs focus on the well being of players and club members.

"What followed was the most talked about thing at our football club in years. It was intense, extremely honest, confronting and most importantly set some rules and boundaries for all involved."

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Workplace Solutions

#NotEvenOnce® Workplace Solutions programs assist businesses support and educate their teams in the Alcohol and other drug space.  With recent data showing 60% of people in addiction being in full time employment this is an area employers and employees need to be educated and prepared with solid tools to assist should your workplace be impacted.

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Community Forums & Projects

#NotEvenOnce® Community Forums and Projects are designed to open awareness into the area of Alcohol and other drugs, educate and equip attendees.  With more an d more young people being educated through #NotEvenOnce® projects it is vital everyone is on the "same page" in this space and a consistent message delivered across community.  It is also a perfect opportunity to gain insight into specific local issues and potential solutions for communities to grasp and commit to. 

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2018 #NotevenOnce
School Film Competition

#NotEvenOnce® School Film Competition is open for schools who have had a #NotEvenOnce® Seminar delivered in 2018.  First Prize allows students to earn up to $10,000 for their school and 10 x $120 iTune vouchers for the budding filmakers- theres 15 prize levels- collectively over $45,000 prizepool - check it out and become part of the movement to turn young people away from the path to addiction.


What we do

Dedicated to change.

#NotEvenOnce® Projects are driven by Teen Challenge Australia, specialists in Alcohol and other Drug Rehabilitation, through our faith-based rehabilitation programs. We've existed in Australia since 1971 and have helped thousands and thousands of people gain freedom from addiction and become amazing, positive contributing members of society and restored families and relationships in the process.

We are uniquely placed as the ambulance at the bottom of the addiction cliff to understand exactly why people end up there.  

Daily we receive heartbreaking calls for help and enough is enough.

We are incredibly passionate about families and individuals not being destroyed and so our #NotEvenOnce® Projects are turning 68% of young people seeing one of our seminars that are already or likely to use illicit substance, away from the drug world and its destructive lifestyle.

 It works because our hearts are so engaged in making a difference and we know what we are talking about.

All Teen Challenge centres in Australia are faith-based organisations, we respect the secular environment of state schools, all our #NotEvenOnce® programs are secular unless requested to deliver a non-secular version within non-secular environments.