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#NotEvenOnce® Projects facilitate community and workplace forums which provide education and support to concerned parents, teachers and community members.  The "Changing the Narrative" theme presented in the community seminars, provides attendees with information on the current alcohol and drug culture, explores some of the underlying reasons for uptake and highlights how to identify the tell-tale signs that someone is using.

The forums can include a small discussion group workshop to facilitate discussion on key topics such as "how drugs and alcohol impact families and workplaces", "what the participants see as being the real problem" and "what can they do to be positive change agents within their own communities.”


"Thank you for sharing with so much knowledge and passion!  Not boring or too much hype.”
(Community Forum attendee)


#NotEvenOnce® community forums help "change the narrative" in the alcohol and other drug space and have led to change for communities committed to change.


#notevenonce® forums empowering
communities to change their story.


Ideas generated from small group workshops in previous community forums include:


  • Exposure to positive mentors in school
  • Ongoing drug education as a priority for parents and into schools
  • Promoting positive statistic around non-drug use
  • More work to equip kids to be resilient
  • Changing the cultural thinking
  • Social and emotional competencies taught at school as a subject
  • Emphasise the importance of family and re-instilling positive character qualities and encouragement


"Just wanted to say a massive thank you to you all!  Your speech and Darcy's were amazing and the kids certainly enjoyed your stall.  Amazing work you guys do! I was a lost soul in my youth and struggled with addiction too.  What a brilliant group of people you are!"....."please know how much we appreciated your input and how grateful we are for you guys helping make our event a success!" 
 (TAFE Event organiser)

"As a mental health nurse, I love the preventative approach you guys are taking. THANKYOU!!"  
(Community Forum Attendee)




"My first session like this anywhere. Should be more like it." 
(Community Forum Attendee)

"Great Presentation, made a great awareness of what is happening around us.” 
(Community Forum Attendee)

"Great Job! Definitely a huge eye opener! Learnt things I never knew and will benefit myself." 
(Community Forum Attendee)


Seminars are 60 - 90 mins in length. 

Book your community session today to take a proactive step for parents, teachers and community members.