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The unique seminars, focusing on demand reduction, a vital component of the National Drug Strategy 2017/2026, are created within the framework of the Australian Curriculum and are presented using creative pedagogy. 

#NotEvenOnce® Schools seminars are delivered into Primary and High Schools and Colleges, the comprehensive seminars provide students and teachers with current scientific, medical and statistical information on the issues surrounding drug and alcohol use, particularly on the impact of AOD use on the developing brain. 

#NotEvenOnce® Sporting Club, Workplace Solutions and Community Projects reach in a similar way however seminars are tailored to different audiences and needs.

Utilising coalface experience of intervention and rehabilitation; interwoven with personal stories of staff working in the AOD space and graduates that have walked in addiction, the seminars provide powerful learning forums, empowering students to choose to say no to drugs and alcohol and have a solid context for this choice.

What #NotEvenOnce is not, is a glorification of substance use and its related lifestyle. 

Teen Challenge Australia's experience in rehabilitation places us in a unique position to speak with authority on the very real consequences of substance use which can have life long, irreversible damage to physical, mental, emotional and relational areas of a persons life. For many it can end their lives, which we see on a daily basis throughout Australia.

 Many of our graduates are personally still facing these consequences, rehabilitation is not a guarantee to cure all consequences or likelihood of relapse of substance abuse.

The most valid option is to choose to not go there in the first place #NotEvenOnce®


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