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Empowering future generations against substance abuse to protect their potential.


Teen Challenge commenced in Australia in 1971 in QLD, Today we operate in each state of Australia.  We are Not for Profit, Faith-based organisations, Specialists in Alcohol and other Drug Prevention and Rehabilitation. 

Our programs include men and women residential rehabilitation centres, youth and family mentoring, Day AOD programs, family support and #NotEvenOnce® demand reduction projects (upstream intervention).  

The #NotEvenOnce® projects focus on early intervention through Alcohol and other Drug education. As part of this mission objective the #NotEvenOnce® project is currently being delivered into Primary and High Schools, Sporting Clubs, Workplaces and Community forums.

Being at the coalface working with individuals and families struggling in addiction in their homes, prisons, hospitals, on the streets and within our rehabilitation centres we have a unique perspective to this space.  We have a united purpose and that is to put hope within reach of every addict.

What we are more passionate about however, is doing ourselves and the rest of the AOD rehabilitation industry out of a job. We want to turn people away from the destructive choices that will spiral their lives right into one of our rehabilitation or similar centres.  We want people to live their lives to the fullest potential in the best health they can from the beginning - something that Alcohol and Drug abuse will not achieve from them.

The #NotEvenOnce® Projects is our collective vehicle in the demand reduction space and proving to be very effective.

We currently do not receive funding for the #NotEvenOnce® Projects.

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Success rate of teen challenge programs, regarded as one of the highest in rehabilitation programs. 

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Australians die every day from drug overdose.

Deaths in Australia of young people aged under 25 are related to alcohol consumption.

of individuals who consume drugs and alcohol at harmful levels are in full time employment.


#NotEvenOnce® Presenters

#NotEvenOnce®  in action

#NotEvenOnce® in action

#NotEvenOnce® often is asked to attend School and Community Health Expo's

#NotEvenOnce® often is asked to attend School and Community Health Expo's

#NotEvenOnce® addresses causation and protective factors with participants

#NotEvenOnce® addresses causation and protective factors with participants

Our collaboration with the Dalgarno Institute ensures our presenters are fully trained in #NotEvenOnce® AOD educational material and delivery.

The head presenter often holds additional qualifications in other relevant disciplines e.g. counselling, youth work, community services, AOD, mental health, case management, training and assessment etc.

One of the presenters may be (but not always) a graduate of the Teen Challenge rehabilitation program. We will have worked with them for a minimum of 2 years (including 12 months following our rehabilitation program) and they must have proven themselves successful. 

Teen Challenge measures success of a graduate by being entirely abstinent of tobacco, alcohol, drugs, engaged in employment and/or further studies and is actively contributing to society. 

The #NotEvenOnce® Project offers our graduates a pathway to overcome stigmas and gain self-confidence, self-worth, public speaking skills and give back to the society they often took from in their addiction and help positively impact the lives of young people.

What #NotEvenOnce is not, is a glorification of substance use and its related lifestyle. 

Teen Challenge Australia's experience in rehabilitation places us in a unique position to speak with authority on the very real consequences of substance use which can have life long, irreversible damage to physical, mental, emotional and relational areas of a persons life. It often and unfortunately ends the lives of many young Australians, which we see personally, daily.

Many of our graduates are personally still facing these consequences, rehabilitation is not a guarantee to cure all consequences or likelihood of relapse of substance abuse. 

The valid option of choosing to not use in the first place is still the best option, especially for developing brains.

"#NotEvenOnce is, by far, the most powerful presentation I have seen in schools as far as educating students about the dangers of drugs and alcohol. It combines scientific data (what drugs do to young brains/bodies) and the personal experiences of the staff of Teen Challenge in working with young people struggling from drug and alcohol problems. The presentation engages the kids and gets the message across powerfully and effectively." (Teacher)

"The session focused on the impact of drugs and alcohol with an emphasis on minimising harm by maximising prevention. The session was informative, engaging and highly relevant for our young people. Working in a high school context, this is a very real issue that we are challenged by on a regular basis. Our students had the opportunity to hear from people who have been directly impacted by the use of drugs and I believe the reality. of this, their honesty and openness made this very 'real' for our students." (Principal)


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