Teaching resources

There's so many online resources for filmmakers, however we know you don't have heaps of time to work your way through. Here's a list of sites our friends at MyState Film Festival recommend to help you get started:

  • The Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) offers excellent production resources on their Generator site, including filmmaking guides, a free media library, a storyboard generator, expert video tutorials and an educators’ lounge.
  • The ACMI website also includes an education page, with learning resources and suggested activities for students. While ACMI is based in Melbourne, many of the suggested activities could be adapted for Tasmanian students.
  • The Mega Movie Making Guide for Kids is a great collection of filmmaking tips and information on topics ranging from scriptwriting, video shooting and editing, to sound effects and creating text and movie credits.
  • Film Education is a UK website featuring teaching and learning resources for primary and secondary students. Topics include storytelling, sound, animation and activities related to curriculum topics such as English, maths and history.
  • Teaching Ideas has a range of classroom filmmaking resources for primary school students, including storyboard and script templates, display resources, and classroom activities.
  • Mini Movie Makers is a website for primary school-aged children that offers regularly updated tips and tricks, movie making resources and short video tutorials for their Tip of the Week.
  • Read Write Think is an excellent online resource for teachers. Students are introduced to the vocabulary of film as they go through the process of creating a short original movie. The site is filled with downloadable teaching tools and lesson plans and breaks down the process of filmmaking into easily understandable steps.
  • Learn About Film is a UK organisation dedicated to educating young people about filmmaking. Their website features handy filmmaking guides for primary and secondary-aged students, and other useful information for teachers and students, including film planning, sound, cameras and equipment, and tips for making films using iPads and iPhones.

Teachers watch this video for more information on your role and to assist your students in this process of film making.